Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I have had the pleasure of teaching three precious study abroad students from Norway this semester.  Veronica, Jenny, and Sara have taken the Ole Miss campus by storm and have fallen in love with Oxford and our southern ways. On Sunday, David and I took them to Taylor Grocery for their first experience of fried catfish, fried okra, and hushpuppies.
Yes I know that I am short!!
On Easter Sunday, the gals and Veronica's boyfriend Mats joined us for church and Easter lunch.  This was their first church experience in America.  The Norwegian tradition on Easter Sunday is to leave a burning candle on your loved ones' graves.... I like that idea and think that it would be nice to start that tradition here.
The Easter bunny found his way to our house.
I love to set a pretty table! 
We decided that it was totally necessary to wear the paper hats that were in our Easter poppers.
There were some firsts at Easter lunch for the Norway crew: deviled eggs and strawberry pie!
Tomorrow will be a bittersweet day- it is their last class session with me! I am so proud of how much they have learned and grown as educators yet I am sad to tell them GOODBYE!
These girls have embraced our southern ways.... they love fried pickles from Ajax and sweet tea! They have made the most of their time here in Oxford.... Ole Miss baseball and basketball games, Graceland in Memphis, New Orleans, Panama City for Spring Break, a Grizzlies basketball game, fraternity parties, and a visit to Six Flags in Atlanta.  They are mesmerized by  Wal-Mart and selection of products! I asked them what food they are going to take back with them to Norway, and they answered "POPTARTS"!!
Warm wishes and many blessings to my Norway gals..... your sweet smiles, open minds, willingness to learn, and love of Oxford will be missed!

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